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The Teachers

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Maria Ramalchanova Ivanov, violin

     Maria Ramalchanova was born in 1987 in Ruse, Bulgaria.  At the age of three she started playing the piano and one year later she found her passion for the violin for the first time. Maria studied music in the Violin class of Darina Dankova at the National School for Music and fine Arts “Dobrin Petkov” in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

     Her debut in front of an orchestra was the age of nine. Between 2005 and 2011 she played every year as a soloist of different orchestras in Bulgaria. Since 2007 she has been in the violin class of Prof. Mario Hossen in New Bulgarian University-Sofia, Bulgaria. During her education she was nominated for “Student of the Year” 2010, due to her concerts activities and took full scholarship for a Minor in “Economics”.

     The same year she also won a full scholarship for an “Erasmus” program in Vienna, Austria and a year later she worked with Prof. M. Frischenschlager at Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien, Österreich. In 2012 she graduated with Bachelors in Music Arts-Violin and Minor-Economics.

     Since 2008 she is an active player in “Les Orpheistes” Chamber Orchestra and in “Orpheus Academy Orchestra”. Nevertheless, she performs with the orchestra while she is fully engaged in the management teams of the International Summer Academy “Orpheus” in Vienna,  “Les Orpheistes” and “Orpheus Academy Orchestra”.

     In 2011, during her education in Vienna, she was introduced to the Bulgarian pianist Martin Ivanov. From that moment on they play chamber music together and perform on recitals in Austria, Bulgaria, USA, Hungary, Deutschland and Slovakia. Since 2015 the both musicians are not also on the stage together, but also in their life.

     She participated in the master classes of world-famous Professors:  Jerard Poulet- France, Sandor Javorkai- Hungary, Donk-Suk Kang- Korea, Erich Hoebert- Austria, Kevork Mardirossian –USA; Oleg Kraisa- Russia, Micho Dimitrov- Switzerland etc.

     Because of concert tours, participating in competitions and summer academies, Maria had the opportunity to visit Spain (2006), Italy (2007), Poland (2007), Austria (2007), Turkey (2010), Greece (2010), Cyprus (2011), Switzerland (2012), Japan and USA (2013), Dubai (2014), Deutschland, Slovakia and Hungary (2015).

     During 2014 and 2015, Maria had the opportunity to perform as a leader of second violin section in different orchestras in the great halls of “Wiener Konzerthaus” (Mozart Saal) and “Musikverein” (Goldener Saal and Gläserner Saal) in Vienna, Austria.

Since 2013 she has been playing frequently in the different productions of the National Music Theater in Baden near Vienna (Baden bei Wien). 

Since July 2013 Maria plays with an Italian violin from 1725, sponsored by Klaus Furthner and Antonia Neumann.


Martin Ivanov, piano

     Martin Ivanov was born in 1990 in Bulgaria in a family of musicians. Since 1994 he started playing piano with his mother Krasimira Ivanova, who continued to teach him thru his high school education at the National School of Arts "Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov" in Ruse, Bulgaria where he graduated in 2009. During that time he has also been constantly working with Sultana Markovska, who was a long-standing student and assistant of Prof. Vera Gornostaeva in Moscow. 

     Martin has participated in over 50 piano competitions within his school years. They were all very successful for him, especially his 1st prizes at “Young Virtuosos” 2004 in Sofia, “Maria Yudina” Piano Competition 2007 in Saints Petersburg, “Franz Schubert” 2003 in Ruse, Bulgaria, as well Grand Prix at “Hopes, Talents, Masters” Competition in Dobrich, Bulgaria and 2nd prizes at “Chopin” Piano Competition 2005 in Varna, Bulgaria, “Albert Roussel” 2006 in Sofia and “LISMA” Competition 2013 in New York.

     In 2006 he has been noticed by the director of “Jeunesses Musicales” in Bucharest, Luigi Gageos, and invited to give a tour for 3 years in a row in France, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Greece and Romania, where he managed to regularly play piano concertos with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Sibiu, Romania. In 2008 he was awarded with a very special prize of his home town “Ruse 21st century” for extraordinary accomplishments in the music area.

     Martin Ivanov was accepted at the University of music and performing arts, Vienna in 2009, where he was placed 3rd out of over 120 candidates. He then became one of the six regular students of the famous musician Prof. Oleg Maisenberg, who, unfortunately, retired a few years later. Since 2012 Martin has been studying with the very active pianist and conductor Prof. Stefan Vladar. As a student at the University Martin has also visited masterclasses of Professors Boris Bloch (Germany) and Mischell Beroff (France).

     During his musical life, Martin Ivanov has played at different Festivals, such as “Peter The Great” 2007 in Groningen, Netherland, “San Daniele Piano Meeting” 2009 in Italy, “Varna Summer International Festival” 2008 in Bulgaria, “Apolonia” 2012 in Sozopol, Bulgaria, “Beethoven Festival” 2013, 2014 in Vienna, “International Festival de Musica de Toledo” 2014 in Spain, “Festival of Pennatier” 2015 (and is invited to perform again in 2016) in France.

     In 2010 he made his debut at Salle Gaveau in Paris, thanks to the french pianist and manager Chantal Stigliani, with whom Martin has arranged another project for March 2016, again in Paris.

     In 2014 Martin has composed the Operetta “Der Frühlingsball” (“Spring ball”) for which he also wrote the libretto in German and in Bulgarian.

     Martin Ivanov is invited to perform for Keyboard Charitable Trust Agency in London at the Steinway Hall in 2017.

Some of his next artistic plans include concerts in Paris in march 2016 (one of which at the Paris National Radio), the Pennatier Festival in the summer of 2016 in France, a 2 concert tours in Germany, Hungary and Austria with a total of 24 concerts.


Anzel Gerber, violoncello

     Praised by various critics for her ability to capture the audience through her mature artistic approach, extraordinary musicality and inimitable technique, Anzél Gerber is increasingly performing on internationally renowned stages.

     Anzél Gerber’s art as cellist has been shaped by Russia’s most prominent teachers and soloists – all of whom were associates or students of Simeon Kozolupov and Mstislav Rostropovich. After her initial training in South Africa, her country of birth, she studied for three years under Alexander Fedortchenko, in Spain, and continued her studies at the Moscow State Conservatory under Alexander Kniazev. Later, as part of her PhD in Music Performance at the University of London, she pursued her studies under Russia’s legendary cello teacher, Natalia Shakhovskaya.

     In the course of her training as musician, Gerber received guidance from David Geringas, Karine Georgian, Ralph Kirshbaum and Maxim Vengerov. She also attended master classes by Mstislav Rostropovich, Natalia Gutman, Heinrich Schiff, Bernard Greenhouse, Gary Hoffman, Maria Kliegel, Young-Chang Cho, Philippe Muller and Julius Berger.

As soloist she has collaborated with numerous conductors, including Gérard Korsten, Guido Ajmone-Marsan, Yasuo Shinozaki, Leslie B Dunner, Gordon Hunt and Robert Maxym. Gerber performed in the USA, UK, Spain, France, Austria, Italy, South Africa and Namibia.

     Gerber regularly performs with the renowned pianist Ben Schoeman. The duo received the “Baronessa Constanza Arezzo Giampiccolo di Donnafugata IBLA Award” as overall winners of the IBLA Grand Prize International Music Competition in Italy in 2012. In addition, they received a special “Debussy award” for their rendering of the Debussy sonata for cello and piano. The duo performed in Carnegie Hall (Weill), New York, on 14 May 2014.

     Apart from her performance career, Dr Gerber is a dedicated lecturer and researcher. She received her PhD in Music (Performance) from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2008. Her doctoral research entitled Critical success factors in cello training is a comparative study on cello training in Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.      Her keen interest in the field of gifted music education, served as inspiration for her postdoctoral research entitled Gifted music education: an international perspective, at Temple University, Philadelphia in the United States of America from 2009 to 2010.

She regularly presents master classes in various countries. In 2009 she presented master classes at the Beijing Central Music Conservatory. She serves on the faculty and jury for the International Music Academy and Competition in Cremona, Italy, since 2013. Dr Gerber lectured cello performance and methodology at the University of Stellenbosch from 2014-2016, and is currently furthering her career in Europe.

     She plays on a cello made by the Cremonese violinmaker, Giorgio Grisales.

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